Heroes Of The Strom Championships

They competed to make it into the top 64 bracket play. Our version of the March Madness. And now we are here today in the Heroic Four supporting four amazing teams. We have Tennessee, UT Arlington, UConn, and Arizona State. Seattle, are you ready? Our first match-up today is between UT Arlington and Tennessee. UT Arlington are our strategic masterminds… I played ice hockey for the last 13 years of my life so I feed off of crowds. When I have a big crowd, when I am playing ice hockey, I feed off of it. …call it. Tennessee could be our surprise team, our underdog team even. Nobody predicted they would be here. Honestly, if we are able to win the entire thing, it would put a lot of relief a lot of stress off my shoulders, paying for school because I am going into my fifth year now and I am going to be losing a lot of my scholarships and stuff. Being able to have that off my shoulders would be huge. Stand by (UNCLEAR). Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And rolling. (UNCLEAR) music and cue. Oh, it is getting too low. I do not know if they are going to be able to save it in time. And it goes down. GG. Definitely as the leader of my team, the majority of the responsibility of the loss is on me. I was pretty upset about it. I felt like we had the potential to definitely beat those guys.

Definitely in the first game we were ahead early. …and swaps places to try to save himself, but it is not enough. Now what he does (UNCLEAR) right there (UNCLEAR) -(UNCLEAR) I am rotating down. I am rotating down. And it looks like (UNCLEAR) coming up and they will take him down. That is a big win right now. It is now a five… It was actually going really well at first but I think the crowd was just getting to them and we started missing mechanics. (UNCLEAR) a lot of damage here. – (UNCLEAR) …(UNCLEAR) from Hughes on to (UNCLEAR), does stay alive right now. MathDizz is hit by the pure fire beam, went for a mosh pit, but that puts him where he is standing still. He gets taken out, too. (UNCLEAR) on the hunt… When we got in the game, we knew that Roflcopter was their ace basically. What we had to do is shut him down and pretty much rolled them from there. Look at this, we do have Kladeous actually going after Roflcopter right now. The two players you told us about. Oh, Roflcopter barely gets away, but the pure fire beam is coming out. Can he escape from it? He can’t. Roflcopter goes down.

You do not hear it; you do not hear it; you do not hear it. If you stunned him, he would have died. I was on cool down. It is OK; it is OK; it is OK. Got bottom, be now, be now. And Ban goes down right there. That is four heroes dead on Tennessee. After those four deaths, we just fell behind. And as soon as that happened, my team just fell apart. As soon as we lost that little glimmer of hope, my team cannot get that back. They do not know how to regroup and reorganize. And this is an ideal moment for them to go for the jugular. It is frustrating because I know that if they were more experienced this would not be happening. …explodes. They are getting closer to the… But then again, I cannot blame them because they have other things. I have two PhD students; they have things they need to focus on besides eSports. I do not know if they are going to be able to save it in time. And it goes down. GG. Wow. UT Arlington. UConn. (UNCLEAR) UConn. We were all pretty disappointed and upset about it as you should be, I guess. If you are not upset, then there is probably something wrong. Ooh, I mean like ooh, ooh, like even before the game, I said my prayer. I did everything I do before a hockey game before this. It tra


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