How Heroes Of The Storm Work

The way you actually get your heroes is there are what, 50 or 51 right now Heroes in the game and there is a drafting phase, which is very, very strategic. Each team goes through a ban phase and then each team goes through the a pick phase. It is kind of like a chess match almost. It is like if somebody moves their knight into a certain position You want to move yours in a certain position that counters whatever move they make next. Because every hero has a strength and a weakness. You want to build heroes that are synergistic which is the same with any sport, like basketball. It does not matter how strong they are If they do not work well together, they are going to crash and burn.

You work together with your teammates to, in team fights, kill your opponents. Pretty much throughout the entire game starting at the first minute of the game You are going to be fighting the entire time. The team fights because they are flashy and fun. They are pretty fun to watch, too. Game length usually goes from about 15 to 20 minutes. There are different battlegrounds that have different objectives. You work together with your teammates to try to capture those objectives. That is one unique thing about Heroes of the Storm is it is not just the same map every time. There are different objectives on each map. The skill cap is endless because there are so many different maps and so many different things that are always coming out. And that is pretty much how the game goes. – High five. – Hey. Wow. It is packed here already; there is still a line outside. -Hey, what’s up? – Hey, Bria said that you had some concerns about capacity. Are we filling up already? How big is the line out there? We walked by 10 minutes ago and it was… – We got about 200 more. – 200 more. OK.

Hello and welcome to the Heroes of the Dorm Heroic Four. Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, four college teams have come to battle it out. They have descended on the CenturyLink Field Event Center to fight for the right to be called the Heroes of the Dorm. Oh, my God, you cannot even see the end of the line. This top four, anybody could win. Anybody could win and Artosis, this crowd is insane. They were lined up around the block. And I know they are just as excited as we are to see who’s going to win. Oh, my God, it is huge out there. Beautiful. Love that shot. OK, copy that. Stand by. Wide (UNCLEAR) and roll wide, tape track. Seattle showed up. There was not an empty seat in the house. These teams, they have fought so hard to get this far. We started over a month ago with teams signing up for our online qualifiers.

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