No More Credit Cards

Over the last few days the online casino world has gone into an uproar. My E-mail box has been filled with messages like this one:

Recent legislation in the United States has seen an immediate clampdown on the ability of individuals to use their MasterCard or Visa cards in conjunction with online gaming. This will effect the entire online gaming industry.

In an effort to combat this, XXX Casino will be promoting the use of Firepay and PayPal as transactional methods. We will be offering a 20% bonus on EVERY purchase made through PayPal and Firepay.

Oh my! How am I going to deal with this? YAWN. 

I have been taking advantage of this for months already, mainly against sportsbooks that don’t usually give a nice-sized bonus to play them. With offers like 15% and 20% bonuses popping up all over the place to use PayPal and Firepay, I just sit back and rub my hands together! Let me fill you in on how this can work for you as well.

Start with a Firepay account unless you have a PayPal account set up already. Firepay is quick to get going while PayPal uses a verifying technique for security. You will be able to move your money around at least as fast as the casino and credit card company could. I’m just wondering how long it will be before the credit card companies shut down Firepay and PayPal. Get on it before it’s too late.

How long will it take you to double your bankroll playing Blackjack online with all these bonuses for using Firepay/PayPal? Let’s use an average 15% bonus. 1000 x 1.15 = 1150 x 1.15 = 1322 x 1.15 = 1520 x 1.15 = 1749 x 1.15 = 2011. In five transfers you should be able to double your roll. Or you can toss the money into the bank and collect your interest and your tax slip at the end of the year…NOT!

Casino X offers us a 20% bonus. We deposit $1000 (I’ve been doing this for a while, deposit as much as you wish to) into a Firepay account with our credit card, then transfer it to the casino, and receive a $200 bonus. They require three times action to remove the bonus, or $3600 in action. We take a week or so to cover this, enjoying our time playing Blackjack online (very small house edge) and end up with our $1200. Then we pull our money back out to our Firepay account, and move it to Casino B, which in a week or two will be offering (hopefully) a 25% bonus because they have seen their casino action cut in half thanks to the credit card companies denying us to use our free will. When something bad happens, something good is usually also happening. It’s a fact of life. My game is to be there on the right side of things, every time. I fire my $1200 into Casino B and get my $300 bonus. Do you get the picture now? Pretty awesome isn’t it?

Everyone has heard of compound interest. When you deposit money in the bank and it is compounded monthly, and some places even daily, instead of ending up with $50 at the end of the year in interest, you may end up with $60. Yes, when I am through with you, you will NEVER want to keep your money in the bank. I am using “compounded deposits” to force your bankroll into a gi-normous sized online weapon that can take out an entire block of wall street with one click of your mouse. Sorry, I’m getting carried away again! Not only will you be getting a bonus for your money, but for the last bonus you picked up, and the one before that, and the one before that one, and so on, and so on, and, you get the picture.

What you basically will be doing is putting your bankroll online. You will no longer be playing on credit. If you deposit $1000 using your credit card you will have to pay that when the bill comes. A professional gambler normally has a bankroll that they use to gamble with. This is money set aside from their daily life that they do not need to pay bills with, and is free for use at all times to “play” with. My original roll was around $5000 and has grown off line to a very nice size playing Blackjack at brick and mortar casinos. A part of this has been put online and has been growing as it goes from casino to casino to casino, growing and growing as it moves along. You can also hit the same casinos over and over again if they offer a bonus on every deposit.

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