Video Poker – What, Where and How

Welcome to Online Video Poker, your one-stop site for VP. Everything you need to know is right here, whether you want to play at traditional land based or at the latest web-based casinos. We explain the rules and the terminology of the game as well as detailed odds, payouts and strategies. For internet games, we provide you the location of the safest online casinos and the best bonuses. Of course, we offer plenty of tips and suggestions along the way.

The game of video poker has been extremely popular for quite a while. The game combines luck and skill as opposed to “pure luck” games like roulette and slots. The skill part means that some players will do better and some will do worst than the average average. I have seen some casinos with video poker games you can actually provide the player with a mathematical advantage over the house. A rare occasion, but the house will still make money as the average player does not play well.

Learn the secrets of the game on lucky nugget casinoSpend a couple of minutes to see what the game of video poker is all about. We’ll show you where to play and how to play well. Sometimes the best play is far from obvious, even for expert gamblers. We will help you go with the odds and follow the strategy for the particular game you are playing.

General Video Poker Rules
The rules are quite simple. You are dealt 5 cards from the deck of 52 cards (some games contain additional Jokers). In most games, the ace can also be counted as a one (the lowest card). Wild cards can be used as any card value that the player wishes.

You are then allowed to draw from 1 to 5 new cards. Unlike poker, where you play against other players, your goal is to make a winning hand. The video poker machine will pay you based on the value of your hand.

General Video Poker Rankings

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pairs
One Pair

See the video poker glossary for definitions of the above hands and more information about the game.
The rules vary from game to game. As an example, five of a kind can be added to the above hand with the help of wild cards.

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