Who Is A Typical Gamer

He would not strike you as your typical gamer. Originally, I went to Baylor University my first two years of college. I had a really good scholarship coming out of high school. But I did not focus enough on my school work when I was there. I was not making good enough grades for how much Baylor actually costs. One of the main reasons my school work suffered at Baylor is because I got involved with all the fraternities. When you do that, there is a party every night. It did not workout the way I thought it would. People have a skewed view of what gamers or people who play video games actually look like or act like and it is really hard to guess. If I went up to a random person and said hey, guess what my favorite thing in the world to do is Casinoslots Singapore.

Their first thought would not be gaming, I do not think just looking at me. First of all, welcome, guys. Super excited to have you here. Cool to have representation from all different parts of the United States here. We wanted to take a minute to give you guys a little bit of background On the event. This event is really the most prestigious stage in collegiate eSports. And we want you guys to own it. It is going to be a big moment tonight when you come out on stage. The lights are on; the audience is packed; and you are being broadcast nationally. When Adam and I and Chris founded Tespa, one of the core principles behind that that motivated us was providing opportunities to students. Opportunities for students to reach the biggest stages. For people who want that; people who were at the best, the tip top of their game to be able to reach stages like this and follow that ambition to the highest levels.

We are really proud to have you guys a part of the event. To be able to solo this game is an award in itself, much less act as a team and develop strategies. This game revolves a lot more on chemistry than most other games because it is not solo mechanics. Let us take a closer look at what Heroes of the Storm is all about. Heroes of the Storm is a team brawler game. It has two teams of five players each who are trying to win by destroying their opponent’s core. It looks like they may have enough damage to actually end this game right now. GG. (UNCLEAR) capture the flag except instead of flags, you have cores and instead of trying to capture the flag, you are trying to destroy the flag. You want to protect your core as much as possible while trying to kill the enemy and take out their core. Each player gets to play one hero; you get to play this individual hero that levels up throughout the game. It is not the same hero every single game. You will draft different heroes every time you play the game.

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